Artist Statement

I’m drawn to the process of throwing clay because there is a delicate balance between stretching a form into a functional piece and the clay buckling and collapsing. The loose precision of the throwing process allows for the freedom of an idea to gradually change and develop through the process of creating work, rather than a rigid plan for every piece.


Often times, we go through the everyday motions with little consideration of where things come from. I want my ceramic vessels to be a moment where we stop and consider the things we use for everyday use. I enjoy cooking meals and sharing food with people.  I feel that making work to be used for a specific function is a way for me to find myself into peoples homes to become part of their daily routine.

Exploring old farmsteads in Iowa, and picking through scrap piles to uncover weathered antique oil cans, milk cans, and watering cans have always been in my mind when creating. The patina on these weathered shapes I would uncover has always fascinated me. The different variegated textures speak to the history of the piece that makes me reflect on the life that the object has had, as well as the lives it’s been a part of.