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New Voices, Floyd Center for the Arts, 2/9/2019 – 4/6/2019

Terra Nova: 10 Years, Cedar Rapids Art Museum, Cedar Rapids, IA, 11/03/2018  to 10/06/2019

Artist Statement

Artist Statement, Aaron Moseley

Throwing on the wheel allows me to create functional pottery. The loose precision of the throwing process is what attracts me to it. It’s a delicate balance of using force and using a gentle touch to create a form.

Feeling the clay stretch as I create volume while it still maintains its form allows for my idea to come to fruition in real time. There is a great satisfaction of creating something physical through a medium that can collapse and buckle when pushed to its limits.

The humbling process of wood and soda firing has always been my favorite firing technique. It lets the kiln speak in conjunction to effort put in and ideas of the piece. When putting a piece into a wood or soda firing, there is an anticipation of seeing the works come out. One can plan the placements and plan the glazes, but once in the kiln, the kiln creates different auras and color. The way the ash hugs the pieces and drips down is something I can imagine. I create lines and indentations on a piece to coax the ash to settle there, but ultimately the kiln and atmosphere inside have the final say.

Reduction firing is just as humbling however you can speak more with the finish without cooperating, sometimes fighting, with an outside force, ash or soda. It allows for more precision and slightly more predictable outcome to each firing, fighting fewer variables. To me, this makes it more difficult to achieve a looseness to the work because there’s no hiding behind the atmosphere created in soda and wood firing.



Aaron Moseley is an artist from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I previously worked as a resident artist at the Iowa Ceramic Center and Glass Studio, focusing on wood and fire soda work. Now living and working in Floyd, VA, as an apprentice to Ellen Shankin.